“High quality photos and video at a lower cost and quicker turnaround.”
Special Point Of view

A key technique for engaging your customers is well-executed photography and videography. Contact our experts immediately for more information on how expert images and films could help your small business!

Special Point of View is aware of how significant it is for you to take pictures from the proper angle and points. With the help of our professional drone services, you can showcase your residential property from an arresting vantage point in the sky with breathtaking aerial footage that includes images, videos, and panoramas. Customers across San Antonio can use our dependable, skilled, high-quality drone photography and aerial filming service. In addition to drone videography, headshots, and drone photography, we offer luxury real estate photography and video, 3D effects video production, color grading, motion graphics, and other services.

We Capture The Core Of Your Most Exceptional Life Moments

Discover the distinction and knowledge we offer to every shoot. With the highest elegance, detail, and refinement, we offer photographs and videos that have been capturing our clients’ most irreplaceable moments. Let us create a priceless piece of art for you to cherish forever.

Why Choose Us



We devote many hours to improving our camera abilities and take pride in knowing our equipment inside and out and presenting aesthetic results.

Draw Attention

We aim to make your marketing messaging engaging and capture your target market’s attention with our high-quality videos and images.

Authorized And Covered

We help our clients with all administrative processes related to insurance, compliance, and permitting because we are licensed and insured drone operators.

Outstanding Results

Our ability to hear our client’s original ideas and bring them to life in the best way possible is demonstrated by the fact that we have a long list of satisfied customers. It is very fulfilling when our options inspire our clients’ imaginations.

Well-Informed About Cameras

From selecting the appropriate camera, we pay special attention to every detail so that our outcomes exceed your expectations and whatever our competitors can provide.

Communicate Hidden Values

Our professional photography and videography make it simple and quick for your target market to understand what makes your small business unique, which helps your company attract its ideal clients more rapidly.



Our network of skilled drone operators has been thoroughly tested, and they are prepared to make your product, event, idea, or Property a fascinating visual tale.


You won't need an attractive spot since our technical and creative experts know how to make a centerpiece that will attract so much attention.

Construction Photography

We utilize aerial views,  and creative editing to produce visually appealing marketing materials for your real estate listings and construction site.


We will provide you with high-resolution images, and videos that you may use to showcase your work to potential clients in the future.

Amazing Work We've Done

Our photographers, distinguished by a distinctive, modern style, embrace reality and beauty in documentary-style business. We capture the essence of every occasion with the utmost attention to detail and consideration for each of our client’s special moments.