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““High quality photos and video at a lower cost and quicker turnaround.” ”
I am Jeff
Hello, my name is Jeff Lewis. I am a retired executive that was an amateur photographer for most of my life. In my retirement I decided to turn pro. I bought all new equipment, camera, lenses, lighting, backdrops, etc. I took classes and started my company. I also learned how to fly a drone and got my FAA license to add that service to my portfolio. The name of my aerial media company is, Special Point of View. I have taken the same path with videography and now offer complete videography services. My passion remains in landscape photography.

Create An Appealing Brand Style With Our Drone Photography And Video

Our top-notch professional filmmaking drones equipped with adaptable high-resolution sensors capture the spirit of aerial photography. However, a high-end drone is useless without a renowned drone pilot. As they embrace the skill and creativity needed, our skilled drone pilots unquestionably produce breathtaking aerial pictures. We turn aerial filming into the excellent experience that our clients deserve.